A Tour of the Gossner Cheese Plant

Dolores Wheeler is the owner of Gossner Foods, Inc. where they specialize in making Swiss cheese.

On Thursday I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Wheeler and go on a tour of the plant with the Dairy Ambassadors and our moms.

She told us about how good cheese and dairy products are for you.

My favorite part was in the room where the cheese is packaged.  It can be sliced or blocked and then the packaging is put on each block of cheese.  There were machines that picked the blocks up and set them in a box.  Then there was a track that the box rode on to an elevator to another level of tracks.  Then there was a robotic arm that picked two boxes up at a time and set them on pallets.  The robot could read the bar code on each box, and know which pallet to set the box on.  Then when the pallet was full, it would slide over to spin around and get shrink wrap put on it.

When the tour was over Mrs. Wheeler gave us each an ice cream cone, a sack of squeaky cheese, and a carton of UHT Milk.

I like how Mrs. Wheeler talked about how the plant was started by her parents many years ago and about the technology they have used to improve their cheese making process.  She talked about the old trees that had to be cut down in order for the new addition of the cheese plant to be built.  She has pictures of the past, and she loves that, but she is quick to embrace technology as they move forward.  That is how farming is too.  We honor our heritage, but we always look for ways to improve the way we do things on our farm.




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