“Cash for Clunkers” tractor style

Recently my neighbor got a brand new tractor.  Leather seats, GPS, the whole works.  Very nice.  The price tag on this tractor was approximately $135,000.  Now I have no problem with farmers being able to buy new equipment from time to time, he increased fuel efficiency and the speed with which he can get his farm work done, plus he now has a dependable tractor rather than the old one which seemed to break down a lot.

My concern is not with the new tractor or my neighbor who made a good business decision, my concern is with who paid for this tractor, the American tax payer.  This was “Cash for Clunkers” tractor style.  He was paid $96,000by the federal government to junk the old tractor (which he only paid $16,000 for) and replace it with a brand new fuel efficient tractor.  I helped him knock a 6 in. hole in the engine block of the old tractor just to prove that it would never run again.Is this really a good expenditure of our tax dollars?  As tax payers, will you buy me a new tractor?

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