Excitement over the birth of a baby calf

One thing that never gets old, that never loses its awe and excitement is birth.  The start of new life!  Our children have seen calves born many times, but you would have thought it was their first time by the high-pitched screams and the running back and forth to let everyone know that a new calf had been born.  Garrick had just come in the house for dinner.  The rest of us had gone ahead and ate dinner without him, because it was getting late.  But before he took his first bite, the girls came running in the house to tell dad that the calf had arrived!  Garrick set his fork down and went back out to the barn to check on the new calf.  Casen and I went with him.  I have to admit, I still love to see a brand new baby calf.

I love to see how the cow instinctively gets up and licks its new baby dry.

Casen was actually more interested in the expectant mothers.  He stood on the edge of the manger and had quite the conversation with the cows.  Many of them came to sniff and lick him too. 

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