When my feet start to get wet or I start slipping and sliding while milking the cows, I know that it is once again time to buy a new pair of boots.  I Go through two or three pairs a year.  These old boots are my winter boots they cost about $50 and are insulated to keep my feed warm in the cold winter weather.  The new gray boots are summer boots, they cost only about $15, they are light weight so my feet don’t get too hot while milking in the summer heat.  I wear my winter boots all day long to  protect my feet from the snow and ice however I only wear the summer boots when working in wet conditions such as in the corals or while milking cows.

I put a lot of miles on a pair of boots (I wish they had an odometer).  I know my boots are getting worn out as I watch the tread slowly wear down flat and smooth making them slippery.  When I get a new pair I feel a little taller for the first few days.

Boots may seem like a small thing, but I spend most of the day on my feet so it is very important to take good care of them.  If my feet hurt or are uncomfortable it is very difficult to get my work done.

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