Black and White Days Dairy Show and Childhood Memories


Kaitlyn helped hand out ribbons and prizes at the Junior Dairy show at Black and White Days.  It was almost her birthday, so I made some cupcakes.  We celebrated with the Dairy Ambassadors between classes.

On Friday, I went with the boys (Garrick, Kyle, Trevor, and Casen) to watch part of the Dairy Cow Show.  My Brother John was showing a cow, and my Dad was there too.  I must admit that I like to watch the big, clean, shiny cows parade around the ring.  I remember my dad teaching me a little about judging while we would watch shows together when I was young, so I tried to teach Kyle a little as we sat there together watching.  We would each choose our favorite and tell each other why we liked her best.  Then we would listen as the judge would tell his reasons for placing as he did.

I have memories of attending Black and White Days shows as a very young girl.  I remember showing a heifer and getting a blue ribbon and a two-dollar bill!!  My brothers and sisters and I along with some of our cousins would play on the bleachers and go in the back door of Theurer’s Grocery Store to buy candy and Creamies.

Good Memories!

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