Black and White Days

Black and White Days Celebration in the ParkThe highlight of the day, at least for the two little boys, was climbing up in this big, new tractor.  We do have some tractors at home, so I always wonder why it is so fun for them to sit in a new tractor.  I guess the fact that it is new and clean and bigger than our tractors at home makes it appealing.  Even Garrick loves to sit in the tractors on display– and dream…

Kaitlyn in the BIG Tractor Tire

They had a “cow  pie” eating contest that Kyle and Kaitlyn participated in.  Kyle did get his all in his mouth, but to win you had to swallow it.  The winner in Kaitlyn’s age group actually threw-up after they declared him the winner!Kyle and Kaitlyn both tried out the rock wall.

Casen liked the Firetrucks.  (Not as much as the tractor)

Kaitlyn and Kyle raced each other in a relay race.  They had to roll up a fire hose-Kyle really struggled with that).  Then they had to shoot a water gun at a target (Kaitlyn struggled with that)  So in the end Kaitlyn won by a second.  She got a candy bar for winning.  That night Kyle watched the video of the race several times and was disgusted with himself for losing to his little sister.  “I was one second away from winning that candy bar!”  he said as he listed off things he wished he would have done differently.

All in all we had a great time at the park that day.  This was our first year going to Black and white Days on Saturday.  We usually go to part of the cow show and the cow sale on Thursday night, but we have never been there after the cows have left.

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