Wind Damage

Last night we had some wind in our area.  We usually don’t have much wind around here, so we are not used to it.

I never really liked this shed anyway.  I guess now I have an excuse to get ride of it.

We also had to help get the neighbor’s sprinkler off the road before dark so no one would hit it.  Not exactly what I had planned for my Sunday evening.

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One Response to Wind Damage

  1. gwen says:

    This is random, but the ads by google on this post say “trampolines 10% off”. I find it ironic that during one of our many wind storms, we lost our trampoline…it traveled from our yard, across the pasture, and into the dry pens. Do you suppose that’s why they have this particular ad on this post. They figure anything to do with wind storms means SOMEONE will be needing a new trampoline?
    p.s. sorry about your shed.

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