Six New Ambassadors for the Dairy Industry and 4-H

A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn who is nine, participated in the Dairy Ambassador Program.  This is something Kaitlyn has been wanting to do since the time her older sister Rachel participated 3 years ago.  Kaitlyn worked really hard to prepare.  There was a list of questions that the judges might ask.  I helped Kaitlyn decide how best to answer each question, then she practiced and practiced.  The evening before the competition, we were driving home from her Orchestra Concert.  I tried to remember some of the questions to ask her, so she could practice answering.  Well she knew every question and answer!  I commented on how well she was doing, and she said, “Mom I have been practicing even in my sleep!”

When a child puts that much effort into something, the mom starts to worry about the feelings that will come if she doesn’t win.  At the same time I knew that she had prepared well, and it was out of our hands.  I told her to enjoy the day, and if she doesn’t win, she can try again next year.

Well, it turned out that she had a fun time and she also won!  So Kaitlyn is one of six new dairy ambassadors.  They will enjoy representing and promoting dairy and 4-H throughout this next year by riding in parades, teaching school kids at farm field days, and many more fun activities.

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