Kyle Gets Pooped On

One of the questions that I was asked while speaking at a local school was “Have you ever stepped in cow poop?”  Well actually there are much more disgusting things that happen on the dairy than just stepping in poop.  Cows can be very dirty animals with no manners at all.  As you can see Kyle wears an apron and milking sleeves to try to keep clean while he milks.  While he was bringing cows into the barn one of them kicked poop at him.  You can see it on his neck and under his chin.  As long as it is not you who just got pooped on it can be pretty funny.  Sometimes we  accuse the cows of having contests to see who can get us the best.

I was reminded of when my little brother Courtney was helping me, he was a little older than Kyle at the time.  He went out to get the cows and one of them knocked him over into a hole that was filled with manure.  Courtney came back in tears, covered from head to foot.  I had to take the hose and hose him off before I could take him home to clean up.  Courtney didn’t think that was nearly as funny as I did.  He wont come help me anymore.

Thank goodness for warm showers.

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