Why We Share Our Story

Recently we have seen several attacks on modern day agriculture by the “Main Stream Media”.  In an effort to protect my way of life and the livelihood of my family, I find it necessary to tell the story of a family that is daily involved in production agriculture.

I own and operate a dairy farm.  It is not just a job, it is my way of life. My children help with the chores, everything from feeding calves to milking to opening gates while I clean corals. They are as much a part of my dairy as anyone. Just the other day I was talking to some of my neighbors about what needed to be done while I was gone. My three year old son jumped into the conversation by telling them that someone had to milk, and someone had to feed the cows. We need to scrape the corals, but the tractor is broken so we have to use the skid loader, and on and on. It is as important to him as it is to me. I am constantly amazed by my 10 year old son, because he now knows the cows better than I do. If a cow or calf looses their tag, he can always tell me who it is. He can even tell me who their mothers are; he remembers them because he fed them as calves. I tell these quick stories to show that we do care for our cows. It is not uncommon to be up early or out late taking care of a sick calf or checking on a cow that is calving. Even on weekends and holidays the chores must be done before anything else.


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